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I'm working on a drawing with Haitham and Kaveh, but I drew Kaveh with long hair (I started it before the leaks and I really didn't want to redo the hair because it looked pretty 😭). alhaitham is actually crazy.
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    526 j'aime,Vidéo TikTok de [insertnamehere] (@insertanusernamenow) : « Al haitham redesign ! :) #genshinimpact #headcanon #headcanons #genshin #myaccountisdying #genshinimpactfr #genshinimpacten #anime #alhaitham #alhaitamgenshinimpact #alhaithamheadcanons #genshinheadcanons ».

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    Disclaimer: This work is based on leaks of the upcoming character Al-Haitham.

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  • Al Haitham headcanon design !! |.
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    It’s just delusional shippers thinking that every character is “gay” and shove it as “canon” when it’s not.

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    I interpret this as both cyno having brown hair when he first joined the akademiya and alhaitham having green hair and due to the amount of stress put on them all their hair turned grey LOL.

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    Jan 18, 2023 · tags — fluff, modern au, established relationship, no use of emojis in text ; headcanons.