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If a man you adore is not pursuing you, he is not interested in you. Not unless the guy see women as prizes to be won and notches his belt with his conquests.
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  • A guy likes to be chased on a small scale and pursue you in the same way.
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    Sep 4, 2017 · Yes, guys are walking hormones but that doesn’t mean they don’t value a girl that is going to make him wait until they hop in the sac.

  • People who like real, honest interactions like people who keep it real.
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  • A lot of people like the chase part, and aren't looking for the relationship part.
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  • He considers you to be a reward, so play hot and cold with him and keep your distance.
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  • They would do many things to get to sleep with a women sure that doesnt mean they like them more or want a relationship.
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    I recently got my Citi executive world card for AC benefits earlier this month.